Why Are Antique Engagement Rings Popular?

Antique Engagement Rings Don’t Have to Look “Old”

Antique Engagement Rings

Custom Antique Engagement Ring for Anna & Dustin

The romantic elements that create the style of modern antique engagement rings have been tweaked to highlight the features this generation of women love. These new design elements honor the look of the past while incorporating a more durable, updated look. With intricate designs, timeless appeal, and delicate craftsmanship, you can understand why re-creating antique engagement rings is a popular choice for modern brides.


Vintage or Antique?

Style of antique engagement rings are considered pre-1940’s. Some people consider Vintage rings to be from 1950 – 1970. The Art Deco period of the 1920’s – 1930’s is popular right now. This style is characterized by delicate filigree and/or hand engraving. There are many styles for antique engagement rings, which were usually set with Old Mine, Old European, or Transitional cut diamonds. Antique engagement rings are inspired by rings that were created during various historic periods such as Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco. Today’s antique engagement rings beautifully retain the classic, handcrafted quality of your grandmother’s generation yet add a gorgeous modern element.  

Antique Engagement Rings Are Here To Stay

Most women prefer not to wear antique engagement rings that have been passed down through the generations because it may be unstably mounted, worn out, or damaged. Afraid they will lose a stone, it’s a much better option to create an entirely new ring using the design elements of the past. True antique engagement rings were typically made using very thin precious metal, which is evident in the wear and tear all these years later. Newer models are re-created to look the same, but they are built more durably to last even longer. It’s common for Vanessa Nicole Jewels to create new custom antique engagement rings using the client’s diamonds from their original antique engagement rings. Whether you choose a grandmother’s diamond or a new diamond, you can be sure that your ring will be secure, look perfect, while still retaining the design qualities of true antique engagement rings.  

A Final Note About Antique Engagement Rings

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, we specialize in creating custom antique engagement rings that are designed one at a time, individually, for every single client. We make the custom rings right here in our San Diego studio, and ship them all over the United States. No matter what diamond or antique style setting you’re looking for, we guarantee that you and your special girl will absolutely love the custom engagement rings we make for you!

Ready to Get Started?

Let Vanessa Nicole be your guide. Vanessa Nicole Jewels crafts stunning, custom antique engagement rings for couples around the globe. Every ring we make is truly one of a kind, designed exclusively for each client. Contact Vanessa if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind antique engagement ring specially designed for you.

Vanessa Nicole - jeweler - Antique Engagement RingsHi, I’m Vanessa Nicole – master diamond setter and author of the best-selling book, The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring. My educational engagement ring videos have amassed nearly half a million views on YouTube, so be sure to check those out if you need design inspiration for your ring. When I’m not playing with diamonds, you can find me tickling my twin boys, or kicking back watching a movie with my awesome husband (my teenage sweetheart).

The Artist’s Studio

Vanessa Nicole Jewels specializes in micro pavé engagement rings, bringing award winning talent to those who desire the highest quality engagement ring experience for their life partner. The benefits of a micro pavé engagement ring are obvious. However, such a stunning ring is only more breathtaking and built to last when it is custom made by a professional jewelry studio rather than a mass production wholesaler.

  • All our micro pavé engagement rings are created exclusively for you. No overseas workers, no duplicates!
  • You work directly with the designer to execute your vision. No pushy salespeople!
  • We meticulously select every diamond in-house to ensure that it meets our high standards for sparkle.
  • We use ONLY the most brilliant-looking diamonds.
  • All our custom micro pavé engagement rings include the option of the “Making Of Your Ring™” DVD service – a special video that shows her ring being made, which she’ll watch over and over!

Vanessa Nicole Jewels specializes in creating custom, one-of-a-kind engagement rings and wedding rings. Personalized Service & Happiness Guaranteed!

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