Financing Your Ring

You can choose from 6 Month or 21 Month no-interest financing depending on what you qualify for

6 Month No-Interest Financing

Vanessa Nicole Jewels offers 6 month no-interest financing. We guide you through the quick application with Citibank so financing your ring is very easy to take care of.

If you prefer, you may also choose to take care of partial payment by a check or credit card, and then simply finance the rest. Whatever method that works best for you is what works best for us.

21 Month No-Interest Financing

Citi Simplicity Credit Card

If you’re going to need extra time to pay off a big purchase, the Citi Simplicity credit card gives you an industry -leading 21 months of 0% interest at the outset— with no annual fee, no late payment fee, and no penalty APR for late payments. It’s like getting a 0% loan for almost two years.

If you were to spend $15,000 on the card, you would come out debt-free after 21 monthly payments of about $714.

Annual fee: $0
APR: 0% for first 21 months, then 13.2% to 23.2% after that.
Late fee/penalty APR: None