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What does a 1.50ct Diamond look like vs. a 2.0ct Diamond?

Nearly all of my clients request diamonds that have the “Best value for size, sparkle & brownie points.” Videos of various diamond sizes are below. (Watch toward the end where it shows how the diamond size looks on a finger for proportion.) The visual difference between a 1.50ct to a 1.60ct is not incredibly significant. […]

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Micro Pavé Engagement Ring Specialist – Vanessa Nicole

Micro Pave Engagement Ring

What Is A Micro Pavé Engagement Ring Setting? Micro pavé is a special type of diamond setting technique that can bring an all-over glitter to any part of your engagement ring. The word “pavé” refers to jewelry on which many tiny, brilliant diamonds are positioned in rows, more closely together than other types of settings […]

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Wedding Band Next to Engagement Ring

There is no right or wrong way to pair a wedding band with your engagement ring. Some want the wedding band to sit flush against their engagement ring, therefore eliminating any negative space between the two. While others enjoy the negative space a wedding band can create. It’s all just based on which you prefer. […]

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Vanessa Nicole – A Micro Pave Specialist

Cushion Cut Diamond

Imagine a winding cobblestone path in a small city in Europe. On this alluring street, countless stones are laid out in a meticulous and eye-catching pattern. In French, that kind of stone arrangement is referred to as “pavé”. Vanessa Nicole, a Micro Pavé Specialist, will create a custom ring that will bring to mind just […]

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Engagement Rings for a Cause

Engagement Ring For A Cause

Selecting and purchasing an engagement ring is one of the most exciting and intimidating purchases you will ever make. One way to increase the unique specialness of the ring you select is by choosing a ring that gives something back to someone in need or that has stones that were mined in an ethical and […]

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Anatomy of a Diamond Ring

Anatomy Of A Diamond Ring

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the volume of information available about the anatomy of a diamond ring. So Vanessa Nicole is here to help you! The terms shown in bold below (and featured on the image above) are the main ones you need to know. Also listed below are other terms that may come […]

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Engagement Rings for Bigger Fingers

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a tall task. Along with every woman comes a different hand. Some fingers are long, some are short, some are thin, some are wide. So what do you do when you’re attempting to find engagement rings for bigger fingers? Let’s look at some tips that will help you […]

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