Wedding Bands

Gold Wedding Bands


The purpose of wedding bands, historically, rather than a symbol of eternal love was to exchange valuables in front of the two families to ensure the couple’s financial safety.

It originated with men only giving wedding bands to the wife, but by the late 1940’s, 80% of all weddings had a double ring exchange. (As opposed to 15% before the Great Depression)

On a woman, the tradition is to wear the band behind the engagement ring, closer to he heart. The most important material symbol behind weddings is the exchange of the rings. You might think that the engagement ring is the most important, but wedding rings are given to each other in front of family and friends pledging their devotion and fidelity. The engagement ring is simply to show that the woman is spoken for, as well as signify a formal agreement between the couple of their impending marriage.


When it comes to the style of your wedding band, look at your closet and personality. Are you classic, contemporary, or casual? You may say to yourself you wear all sorts of styles from traditional to modern, but truly dig down deep and ask yourself what kind of overall style reflects who you are? Personally, I like to be casual one day and glammed up the next, but I know that deep down I am a classic, romantic woman. So thin bands with dainty pavé would be perfect for me.

Some wedding bands are designed to fit next to the engagement ring, side-by-side. Many women like the symmetry of two matching rings with diamonds of the same size and shape, or just the same type of metal.


Wedding Band SetIn North America and some European countries, married women wear two rings on the same finger: an engagement ring and a wedding ring.


wedding bandsIn France and French-speaking countries, a common pattern consists of three interwoven rings. They stand for the Christian virtues of “faith, hope and love”.


Women in Greek and Turkish cultures sometimes wear puzzle rings – sets of 3-6 interlocking wedding rings that one must arrange in order to form a single ring.


Celtic-style wedding bands have become more popular in the U.S., Canada and other countries with those of Irish or Scottish descent to symbolize oneness and continuity. Sometimes a Claddagh design is also used to symbolize fidelity.


Russian wedding bands are traditionally three interlocking bands of rose, white and yellow gold.



Women with larger, wider hands can wear larger bands with large stones, whereas women with narrow or petite hands look more appropriate with a delicate looking ring.


Diamonds are a classic decorative element. Diamonds add a fair amount to the cost of wedding bands. If you aren’t able to splurge on the diamond wedding ring you want now, consider purchasing one in the future as an anniversary band. You can always start out with simple gold rings – and upgrade when an important anniversary rolls around. Or, you can have a ring where each year you can add a new diamond to the band. If you work with a custom jewelry studio like Vanessa Nicole Jewels, you will be able to customize the ring so it’s perfect for your needs.
Diamond Wedding Band


Gemstones have become a popular option if it represents a birthstone or a special color between the couple. Sapphires or rubies are an excellent choice since they are hard enough to withstand everyday wear throughout the years.
Sapphire Wedding Band


Carved rings give a nod to the antique era
Engraved Wedding Band


The plain gold wedding band is most traditional worldwide
Plain Wedding Band


Most men prefer the traditional gold band, however platinum follows in close second. If he works with his hands a lot, he may need something that will stand up to the daily beating. Platinum will always retain its weight since the metal basically moves in the direction of each “smack” he gives the ring, whereas gold slowly chips away over the years (very slowly, so it’s not something to be too concerned about).


At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, wedding bands are finely crafted using the best quality materials. Our wedding bands are manufactured with the industry standard of 95% platinum, solid 14k Gold and solid 18k Gold. All our wedding bands are created to be comfort fit to ensure it is as comfortable as possible on your finger. Unlike pre-made, mass-produced wedding bands, ours are created one at a time upon order to provide the best quality. You can be sure your wedding band will be special and made Just For You.

Enjoy selecting your perfect wedding bands!